Wednesday of Holy Week

Good Morning Everyone.

I usually don’t write post -ride recaps but I wanted to share something with the group that I witnessed last night.

Last night was a busy one in and around the back door of the Carpenters House where we send out riders to deliver food and other goodies to our friends on the streets. Occasionally we will have a couple of folks walk up to see if we have anything to eat. Last night over to the side I spotted Mark. Mark has been on the streets of Memphis for well over a year and during that time I have seen in him what being homeless can do to a man physically. I shook his hand; he still has a strong grip and looks you in the eye; and I asked him how he’s been. He told me that he has found a part time job working 3 days a week painting. He also told me that he was hoping to get into a rooming house soon with the money he’s making. When I gave him a bag of goodies I made sure to put a few extra burritos in the bag for his lunch everyday at his new job. He was most gracious and in passing I mentioned that I thought I had seen him in a photo of folks from the Room In the Inn Facebook post. He said, “Yep! That was me! It’s how I got this job!” It seems the folks at OLPH in Germantown let him use the phone to contact this man who was hiring. Now he’s working his way off the streets and back into the workforce and it’s because what we do as team to help our brothers and sisters that this is happening.

I am asked what gives me hope about what we do week in and week out to help our friends on the streets and sometimes I have to think about it. After talking to Mark last night, I no longer have look up and ponder that question.

Happy Easter Everybody


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