Rubix Cube Professor

I have a quick story to share. 

To preface this, I don’t often take videos or photos of homeless people when I ride around and deliver food. When I do take photos, I try to keep identities ambiguous. If I find that it is necessary to take a video or pic, I ask permission. But, I don’t even like to ask. There are those times when they ask me to take a selfie with them, which I always entertain. But, I don’t like the idea of using them to gain publicity on Facebook or Instagram. That’s not the purpose what we do. Social media is a practical tool for narcissism. I am guilty of it. But, I don’t like to bolster my ego at someone else’s expense, specifically when that person has already been victimized by various injustices.

I say all of that because you might ask why I didn’t take a video of this gentleman last Monday night. And, I really wish I would have.

I see him every week in the same spot. He doesn’t often accept food from us. But, I always ask. I asked him last Monday night and he said, “Do you have anything other than burritos? They hurt my stomach.” I told him that Alex had some hotdogs and that I would go check to see if he had any more. I rode across the street to Alex to find that he was already out of hotdogs. I went back to the man to inform him that we were out of hotdogs. He told me that he was good for the night anyway. I noticed something in his hand that resembled a Rubix Cube but more complicated. I asked, “Is that a Rubix Cube?” He replied, “It’s a Rubix Cube Professor. The standard Rubix Cube is 3×3; this is 5×5.” I asked, “Have you figured it out?” He chuckled and said, “You got 10 minutes.” I said, “Yep.” He said, “Pick a color.” I said, “Green.” He said, “I will solve the green side first.” Just as quickly as the hands of a kung-fu master, he turned the puzzle without lapse. While doing so, he told a wonderful story of how he got in trouble in the 5th grade for correcting his teacher’s grammar. In LESS than 10 minutes, all of the sides were the same color. We were blown away. Unbelievable! 

His name is Scott. His friends call him Chocolate. He’s a heavy-set man in his 50’s. He’s always at Church Street Park on the corner of Church and 6th. If you want to hear some good stories and learn how to solve a Rubix Cube, he loves the company.


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