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Hello my friends!

Peace and blessings to you all and the for the work you do for UBFM. I am continually amazed to see God at work through my UBFM friends and family. It would seem that every week I hear a new story about how Memphis supports love and kindness through you and this organization. I find myself saddened that I have to hear about it from afar. I wish I could be on every ride with you.

I was just telling Frank Rouse that we have come so far. I can remember when this was just a small seed planted by God. It has now turned into an oak tree, strong and still growing. There are other seeds that have been planted because of the strength and influence of this one. Kindness, love, and compassion for humans is growing rampant because of your efforts. Though, acts of hatred and evil still exist in the world; acts of kindness, love and compassion are a simple reminder that God will always be present and active despite how dark it is. Where there is love, there is God. Love will always win.

Some of you might be familiar with the radio show, eTown News. This show broadcasts in Memphis, on WEVL 89.9 on Saturday at 3:00PM. We were nominated for the show’s eChievement Award and we won it! I will be on the show next week talking about UBFM and Memphis. I think it will broadcast on Saturday the 12th. This show broadcasts all over the world. I encourage you to share this info and try to take time to listen to the show.

I hope this season of advent fills your hearts with the love and peace of Christ. I ask that you share those blessings with your neighbors and all that you may come in contact with. You are the salt and the light in the world. May your lights shine bright and may you add season to the lives of those around you.


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