This is a Facebook post from UBFM volunteer David Page:

Any of you ever find yourself saying “thank you” after giving food to someone out there? I have and I have heard others do the same. The first time I did it, I caught myself and thought “why did I just say that”?
Then, I realized what I love so much about this ministry. Being the hands and feet of Christ, and doing acts that connect people with the love of Christ feels so amazing, that it leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness.
When I was contacted about Cassy Colunga’s Bucket List, and was told that one of the things on it was to feed the homeless, I got it.
It was my pleasure to help get the bags that members of Crosspointe Baptist Church in Millington had prepared on Cassy’s behalf to the UBFM last Saturday. What I didn’t expect was the response of the UBFM members who came and took part in handing these 60 bags out, telling our downtown friends about Cassy’s story and that she wanted to bless them with these gifts, and arranged a team to follow along and document the whole thing on video. This will allow Cassy to see what was done on her behalf in the name of Christ.
I was very proud to be a UBFM volunteer! Pretty amazing stuff!
Cassy and her supporters send their thanks to all of you and so do I!

Click the link below for the video.

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