turkey1Who are we? I’m glad you asked…

The Urban Bicycle Food Ministry is an assembly of people for the glory of God. This is a missional group that meets during the week for fellowship, then goes out into the community (on bicycles) for outreach by supplying food and basic needs to people who have been affected by homelessness. We, then, reconvene for debrief and a cold one. Any and everybody is welcomed to be part of this ministry.

Our goal: To fulfill the Gospel on two wheels.

Mission: To offer needs to the people of our community, one interaction at a time.

We are “seasoning the city” (Matt 5:13)

Spreading happiness in the midst of sorrow. (Luke 6:20-21)

  1. Why bikes?
  2. Bike lanes are appearing in the Memphis area rapidly. We are finally becoming bike friendly! I want to use these lanes for something good, that the city can benefit from.
  3. It’s green.
  4. It allows us to approach people on the streets more intimately, it allows us to converse with people around the city, and it allows people to communicate with us better.
  5. Bikes are sexy.

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